The Kitty Convict Project

There are 7 million pets reported lost here in the US. And that is each and every year! Out of those pets 26% of the lost dogs are returned home. However, for cats that figure is less than 5%, that is a low, staggering number. Only 4 out of a hundred kitties are able to return home to their families. But there is a project that intends to change that. I have uploaded an info graphic for you to get a better idea of what the Kitty Convict Project is all about.

The Kitty Convict Project Info Graphic Kitty Convicts

If you’re like me though, and do much of your web browsing on your iPhone you might not be able to read everything, for that reason I have created a condensed transcript of the fine points.

The Kitty Convict Project is from the creators of Exploding Kittens. Don’t let the name fool you, they have a lot of love for those lovable little fur balls.

Why Are More Lost Dogs Found Than Cats?

For those of you asking why more cats stay missing, here are a couple of answers for you to think about:

  1. Dogs wear more ID collars than cats
  2. Cats have a natural tendency to hide
  3. People don’t immediately assume a cat is lost when they see it walking around the neighborhood

How can we raise the number of lost cats that get found?

Ways to Improve These Figures

The Kitty Convict Project has an interesting idea that is both easy to implement. It is more of a standard than a solution. Which if implemented over a longer period of time could in fact bring the number of escaped cats back into custody. And as you might have guessed the idea comes from escaped convicts.

  • Dress your cat in orange: a collar, scarf or other orange article of clothing. Just make sure that it is orange. The initiative attempts to set a standard for indoor cats that have gotten outside. The orange color is the symbol.
  • Make sure your indoor cats has an ID tag. This is probably more important than the bright orange marker right now. Since most people don’t realize the importance of the color yet the ID is a way for them to help your cat find its home.

So remember if you see a cat running wild with an orange collar it has broken out and it is your duty to bring it home.

If you are a cat owner put an end to cat nudity, give your kitty an orange collar and an ID, because cats are part ninja and they will disappear when you least expect it.

For anyone who is reading this please, if you love cats, like cats or find them mildly cute spread the word about the Kitty Convict Project.

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