Cats Jumping (Photo Gallery)

Following on yesterday’s photo blog of cats just about to sneeze, or cats sneezing I thought that I would put together a fun set of cats jumping. And if that sounds boring, you just need to take a look at these incredible pictures of cats in the air.

cute kitten jumping in the air cat jumping in the air cat jumping in the air cat jumping in the air cat jumping in the air cat jumping in the air cat jumping in the air hover cat another hover cat cat jumping in the air

I’m sorry that I didn’t go and label them like I did with the previous set. I didn’t have time today. And I need to leave in a couple of minutes so my commute to work isn’t too nightmarish.

erratic frog

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20 Adorable Kitty Photos

Yesterday, I wrote about the Kitty Convict Project that is attempting to bring more lost cats home. More than 95% of lost cats never return home to their owners.

Today I wanted to post something a little more light hearted before I head off to work. And what could be more light hearted than a collection of cute kitties?

Caught in the Act

This cute kitten got caught on film licking its adorable little paw. The pink tongue turned out vivid and soft, but the eyes are what make this so classic cute.

kitten licking paw


Christmas Spirit

Isn’t this always how it goes. No less than an hour after you have your Christmas tree up and your adorable little friend has taken up position, nesting in the secret heart of your festive joy!

cat in chrsitmas tree


Hi, How Are You Doing?

One thing we love about our little furry friends is there fun and often silly personalities. This little kitty is at home playing on your sofa.

kitten playing on sofa


Designated Driver

I don’t know about you but I think that it is safe to say we need to pick another designated drive. This adorable little kitten fits perfectly into a wine glass.

kitten in wine glass


Nap Time

Sometimes I think that I would enjoy being a cat, doing what I want, sleeping all day, and of course those intense snuggles that they seem to get when they want them.

two cats asleep on bed


Fur Ball

Cleanliness is also an important part of a cat’s life. This little kitten is perfecting its skill early on, and I have to admit that it is priceless.

kitten tucked in a ball cleaning paws



Not all cats are as concerned with cleanliness, this cute kitten got a face full of milk. It looks like somebody needs to perfect their drinking skills.

kitten with milk on face


The Exotic

This exotic Savanna is on the lookout for fun. I love the large ears!

savanna cat


Kitty Burrito

This cute kitten makes an absolutely adorable burrito. I get the feeling it isn’t quite sure if we can see it or not. In any event it thinks it is being rather sneaky hiding in the blanket!

kitten wrapped in blanket


Crash Time

This cute kitten is giving us all a lesson in what it means to be a cute kitten.

kitten asleep on sofa


Sad Times

We hope that this kitten really doesn’t look as sad as it appears. If it did it would also make you want to cry. Cheer up, you are in good hands!

kitten that looks sad


Good Hands

And so is this cute little princess! Those eyes are absolutely adorable. Did I just say adorable, again?

cat in car


Forest Cat

This cat is right at home in the forest. With it’s long fur, and alert eyes it is on the hunt for fun.

Norwegian forest cat


Book Worm

This little kitten is right at home in a good book!

kitten hiding under book


Home, Sweet Home

And this kitten wants back inside its home. Those eyes are what make a cake what it is. Too, cute!

kitten at the door


Nursing the Sick

There is a sweet story that goes with this photo. The black cat you see in the photo comforts and nurses the other animals that come into the vet. This gallery is definitely one to check out.

cat caring for other animals


Mom-ma Duck

This cat has adopted a set of ducks. Another beautiful story, and a really nice gallery.

cat warming ducks


Deck the Halls

What did we say before. Here is another great shot of a cat climbing through the bows of holly. Though I am not sure if the tree can withstand a kitty of this magnitude.

cat in chrsitmas tree


Give Me Five

This kitten knows how to have fun.

kitten playing with hand


Time for a Catnap

And now, unfortunately, you have reached the end. And if you’re like me it is time for a catnap. Or work. Whichever you prefer.

cat asleep under blanket


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