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sunrise on the efrog

I am erratic, you may have noticed.

When I started the blog I really didn’t have a plan where I wanted to take it. That makes it organic, interesting, and I agree erratic. If I had sat down and said that I wanted to create a site about DIY projects. About what? Oh, I don’t know. Sewing. Then I would have lost all interest almost instantly. And I can’t sew. Neither could my mother and the story of when we tried to repair my favorite jacket is better left for another day.

The as a whole is a journal through my everyday life. Or at least the days that I want to share. This pages acts more as an About page, even though I really don’t have one. I didn’t intend to make one, and I almost never read one. But it will at least give you a point to get to know me a little bit better.

I am a thirty something, in the process of getting married. That story is better left for another day though.

Does that sound cryptic? I’m sorry.

I would be a married thirty something, but the marriage process just seems to take longer with us. The engagement was an ever evolving creature that took over a year to get right.

erratic frog's wedding invitation Please pay no attention to the text, it’s just the cynical side of me.

That isn’t what I would pick as my wedding invitation, I found it and modified it on a rustic wedding invitations site. I thought that the whole sunset thing was very important to the whole situation.

All weddings aside you’ll get a healthy dose of my magical sense of humor. Though some have said that magic doesn’t exist much like my sense of humor the site will get a healthy dose of it from time to time.

happier topics

I have a wide range of topics, cats are one of them, but it just come with the territory if you are an internet citizen. For this reason you will find an over proportional amount on the site.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have more than two interests. Lamenting about my life just happens to be a full-time hobby. And it is better to lament about a wedding that may never happen than about a wedding that never should have taken place.

Also cats.

sunset in closing


And what you thought I forgot, I have not!

What post on eFrog would be complete with out at least a few images to keep you entertained?

 / \
your friendly neighborhood efrog

And if you aren’t convinced by the charming face above, here are 8 benefits to being a cat owner.

  • 1. Cat onwer’s are smarter
  • 2. Cat are better for the environment than dogs
  • 3. Cat’s help you cope with stress and loss better
  • 4. Women find men that own cats more sympathetic than dog owners
  • 5. Cat owners have lower chances of heart attacks and strokes
  • 6. Cats provide more companionship to women
  • 7. Cats reflect your personality
  • 8. Cats are cute